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10+3 Natural-Oxynow oxygen

10+3 Natural-Oxynow oxygen

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The breakthrough and miracle oxygen Oxynow is useful for athletes, students, managers or even office workers. It also helps people with breathing problems in a timely manner, especially post-Covid patients who have trouble climbing stairs, it has just arrived directly for you. This popular product is practical, reliable and easy to use. 

Its main revolutionary effects include:

  • Unusual energy replenishment
  • Increase in performance, endurance and dynamics
  • It effectively reduces the level of stress, anxiety and depression
  • It supports creativity fantastically
  • Slowing cell aging, improving immunity
  • Faster regeneration

Oxynow concentrated oxygen has been tested by hundreds of users. Each of these users feels joy, happiness, a rush of endorphins, a sense of uniqueness and indescribable energy.  

The correct inhalation of Oxynow is through the nose, where thanks to its natural oxygen absorption properties, a short-term enormous concentration of oxygen will enter your bloodstream. This starts all the important processes in the body, thanks to which the cells, organs and brain work faster than under normal circumstances.

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Customer Reviews

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Nejdříve jsem koupila pouze pro sebe, po vyzkoušení kupuju i manželovi a synovi, kteří chodí pravidelně na cyklovýlety. Všichni jsme spokojení

After work relax

My sister is a nurse and like all healthcare in a mask. She and others were complaining of fatigue and headaches. I sent a case to her and she had relief the same day

Bigger package last longer

I am older, but try to stay pretty active. I've found that after a bicycle ride or a run, a couple of oxygen inhales can be really helpful. This product provides a perfect way to get that. Bigger package works better with me, cause i use it quite often.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Oxynow?

Oxynow is supplemental oxygen that comes in lightweight, easy-to-use and portable bottles. It is used by ski alpinists, professional and amateur athletes, seniors and well-known personalities.

How to use Oxynow correctly?

Breathe Oxynow through your nose or mouth. (Breathing through the nose has been shown to be more effective because it oxygenates your brain, which needs 20% of all oxygen intake to function). Slowly press the nozzle down and inhale and exhale for 1-2 seconds. Repeat this 8-10 times and enjoy all the benefits of supplemental oxygen.

Can I use Oxynow with lung problems?

Oxynox oxygen is not a substitute for treatment for people who have been prescribed medical oxygen for medical reasons. It is intended for recreational use only. If you are unsure about use, always consult your doctor.

"NOT for medical or prescription use." What does it mean?

Although both are produced in the same way, recreational oxygen is intended for healthy people who want to experience the benefits of recreational oxygen in different aspects of their lives. It is not intended for use by people with asthma, lung or heart problems, or as a substitute for doctor-prescribed or life-saving oxygen.

How to recycle?

Our bottles are made from aluminium, which means they are recyclable. They can be disposed of along with the regular cans you recycle every day!

Why does the bottle have no weight?

Oxygen gas is practically weightless. Oxynow cans are very light, but they are guaranteed to be full. Once you open the can and take your first puff, you'll know the bottle is full and ready to use.