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Date of creation and registration
27 October 2021 
File number
C 357109/MSPH Municipal Court in Prague
Business firm
Oxynow s.r.o.
Kurzova 2222/16, Stodůlky, 155 00 Prague
Identification number
Legal form
Company with r.o. 

Frequently asked Questions

What is Oxynow?

Oxynow is a portable oxygen bottle that is used for refreshment, replenishment of energy and as a means of regeneration. Oxynow will be especially appreciated by athletes, people under stress, ski alpinists and any ordinary person who is starting out in the field of controlled breathing.

Where can you buy Oxynow?

In selected brick-and-mortar stores in Slovakia and on our website page

How to recycle?

Our cans are aluminum, which means they can be separated like any other can you throw away.

How to use Oxynow?

There are 80 breaths in Oxynow, each breath should last 1-2 seconds. 8-10 puffs per use for maximum effects.

Is the bottle full?

You can be sure that the bottle is always full. Oxygen has no mass, which is why it appears empty to you. After unpacking and using it correctly, you will immediately feel the contents of Oxynow.