What is Oxynow?

You describe it differently...

"Something like an energy drink"

"Like some kind of endorphin that sends it through my body"

"Feeling of freshness and peace"

"Great office tool"

"Source of inspiration"

"Hangover Cure"

"Something that makes me less stressed"

What feelings does Oxynow evoke in you?

  • Performance

    Because Oxynow helps with your performance and stamina. Thanks to more oxygenation of your blood, your body can work faster, more focused and safer. Oxygen breaks down lactic acid and thus prevents muscle spasms and injuries. Suitable for the gym, CrossFit, swimming, winter sports and any kind of sport.

  • High altitude

    Because there is a lower concentration of oxygen at altitudes, and thus you may experience malaise, nausea and headaches. That is that your body has not acclimatized.

    In such a case, it is best to provide the individual with supplemental oxygen Oxynow oxygen, which will oxygenate your body so that you can continue your hike.

  • Concentration

    Because our brain needs 20% of the total oxygen intake. Therefore accountants, lawyers, bankers, office workers, teachers and or even ordinary people. They put their trust in Oxynow, it ensures sufficient oxygenation of their brain and thanks to this they are energetic, concentrated, creative. Most importantly, they have 50% less stress because when you take a deep breath, your body sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

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We recommend 8-10 inhalations per use, each inhalation 1-2s. We use the nose for inhalation, in which case Oxynow is even more effective.

How to use Oxynow?