What is Oxynow?

Energy - Restart - Relaxation - Creativity

Oxynow is concentrated oxygen in a bottle

It ensures immediate oxygenation and refreshment of body and mind

Lowers heart rate and increases concentration

  • Performance

    Oxynow helps monumentally with performance and stamina. This develops your potential to overcome your limits. Thanks to more oxygenation of your blood, your body works fast, focused and safely. Oxynow also breaks down lactic acid in the muscles, which is produced during physical activity, thus preventing muscle spasms and potential injuries. At the same time, it reliably and unrivaled supplies the body with a surge of new and clean energy.

    An unbeatable tool for CrossFit, winter sports, athletics, football, hockey or cycling.

  • High altitude

    Headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness or weakness.

    These are the symptoms of AHN (acute mountain sickness). It arises as a result of the low concentration of oxygen at altitudes (19%).

    Oxynow contains almost 5 times higher concentration of oxygen (99.5%). For this reason, we recommend Oxynow, as it is a successful and timely aid for immediate acclimatization in the mountain environment.

    Whenever you go on a trip to Sněžka, the High Tatras or the Alps.

    Keep Oxynow on hand for quick help.

  • Concentration

    Lack of concentration affects me, you or even your colleague or partner, regardless of age or gender. Our brain consumes 20% of the total oxygen intake every day. When your concentration is at its highest, you can work easier, faster and more efficiently.

    Lawyers, bankers, office workers, teachers, or even ordinary people trust Oxynow right now, thanks to its beneficial abilities to help with concentration.

    This significantly ensures sufficient oxygenation of their brain and unlocks the highest spheres of concentration, creativity and energy.

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The extra oxygen in the body creates a greater flow of momentum, a stronger connection with the body and concentrates the mind.

Oxynow is suitable for almost all everyday situations. Work, sports, hobbies, creative time, time for recovery and regeneration, time for alcohol.

It crystallizes thinking, enriches our creativity, supports every single cell in our body, regenerates all muscle tissue, dissolves alcohol molecules faster.

We recommend 8-10 inhalations per use, each inhalation 1-2s. We use the nose for inhalation, in which case Oxynow is even more effective.

How to use Oxynow?